"... promoting health and emotional wellbeing."

Vicki Marston is a highly skilled and experienced therapist and teacher.  Originally trained as an Occupational Therapist in the late 1970s. Vicki spent many years working within the National Health Service in psychiatry and community mental health. She always wanted to explore and understand the reasons why we become ill in the first place. This quest and ongoing journey led to further experience and training in the fields of education, counselling, psychotherapy, bodywork, nutrition, flower essences and energy healing.

The desire to understand the complexities of health and ill health led to seven years working in a large inner city GP practice developing a psychological service in Primary care. This period of time provided an opportunity to further examine the mind-body connection and the relationship between this and health.

For the last fifteen years Vicki has been working as an independent practitioner in Leicester which included running a Natural Health Centre in Clarendon Park.

"Ongoing personal and professional development has always been central to my practice, in 2013/14 I completed a two year training in Esoteric Healing at Findhorn in Scotland and a Psychotherapy course in working with overeating and obesity, this has led to the development of the Conscious Eating Programme."

Vicki offers one to one, couple work, and small group workshops, under the umbrella of Self Development. She specialises in emotional, and psychological health and wellbeing.

Please see events page for details of courses and workshops.

- Each creative session is personalised and may include:
- Talking and active listening in a confidential and safe space
- Body and breath work
- Nutrition and lifestyle advice

- Energy balancing
- Exploring and developing strategies and techniques for managing stress
- An opportunity to explore relationships


To contact Vicki for an informal chat, please call: 0798 505 6574