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Workshops & Courses 2018/2019

Have a look at the sessions below, find something that inspires you...

Small group workshops are the perfect space for contemplation and reflection whilst at the same time exploring and developing new skills. The sessions have structure, whilst at the same time retaining warmth and informality. No previous knowledge is required, just a willingness and openness to the possibility of change and acceptance.

If you have already attended one of the sessions you may wish to repeat, which is always valuable, or try something completely new.

Discounts apply when repeating any workshop.   

  • Sat 22nd Dec - Winter Solstice Retreat
  • 9.30-1.30 £40 inc delicious refreshments & Self Care goody bag.
  • As we approach the solstice, make time and space for stillness in your life. Join us for a peaceful restorative day.
  • Thurs 10th Jan - Hungry For Change
  • Thurs 7th Feb - Hungry For Change 
  • Thurs 7th March - Hungry For Change
  • Thurs 4th April - Hungry For Change
  • Sat 19th Jan - Hungry For Change
  • Sat 16th Feb - Hungry For Change
  • Sat 16th March - Hungry For Change
  • Sat 13th April - Hungry For Change - 
  •  A Mindful Eating Programme For Life
  • Explore eating and relationship with food in a safe supportive relaxed setting. A unique approach to healthy weight management developed over the last seven years. This course will teach you new ways of thinking, being and behaving.
  • £245 includes initial 60 minute consultation, 16 hours of small group workshop teaching, 9.30 -1.30 each day, delicious refreshments & meditation CD. Please email or call for a chat about how this course can help you to a healthy relationship with food.

Workshops are held at the beautiful Chapel Lane Studio Knighton Leicester. There is good access from all major routes and plenty of parking within a couple of minutes walk of the venue. This is a purpose built studio with underfloor heating and a fabulous garden aspect making it the perfect space for Self Development.

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