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Saturday 23rd February 2013

This week I had to have some routine blood tests. I have never liked having blood taken; well does anyone?  I did my utmost to remain calm, positive affirmations, first aid flower remedy and constant self reassurance telling myself that it would all be over in just a few moments.

I arrived at reception, there was a person behind the desk, she checked the system and told me to take a seat. I sat down nervously expecting at least a few minutes delay in which to further prepare myself.

'Victoria Marston, would you like to go through to the Nurses'

I wasn't sure if it was question or a command, but I duly got up from my seat and made my way through to the nurses room. The door was open and I knocked .... 'come in!'

The nurse was at a desk with her back to me, she was looking at a computer screen, she didn't look at me or turn around, just stated my name in a questioning tone, presumably to make sure she wasn't extracting blood from the wrong person? I confirmed my name and she then proceeded to pick up her equipment. I began to explain that I became nervous when having blood taken. She looked at me with an odd glance and asked, 'is there any reason for that?' I realised she was in a hurry so knew there was no point trying to offer any kind of explanation and in fact what difference would it make anyway?

I Wedasked if I could lie down and began to take my boots off, she instructed that this was not necessary, I continued in spite of her audible sigh. She then stated that she was not given time for 'this', I am still unsure as to what she meant.

I did lie down, tried once again to breathe and assured myself that I was fine.

I got up and out of the office as quickly as possible wishing her a good day, she seemed somewhat suprised, but by now was back at her computer screen awaiting the next customer! Oh well, just another working day in the life of the NHS  :-) 

Wednesday 13th March

Last week I went to the Health & Wellbeing at Work conference at the NEC...... what a fabulous day! Opted for the stress management and emotional health stream and was really pleased to find a session on mindfulness and meditation in the workplace. So for the last seven days I  have been focussing on the essence of mindfulness in my everyday life. I have been aware of the many signs of Spring awakening, and have been observing the colours of snowdrops and crocus in the park, buds on trees and hedgerows and shadows as the sun becomes stronger and the days extend toward the equinox.

Much of our thinking is focussed in the past or in the future, being fully present and mindful, allows us to experience things in a different way, to savour the moment and to appreciate the opportunity to do so :-)