Vicki is regularly invited to discuss health, wellbeing and wellness promotion on radio broadcasts and particularly on BBC Radio Leicester. Recordings of a selection of these broadcasts can be found here.

As social beings it’s of vital importance to our health and well-being that we experience a sense of community. To be part of something outside ourself which matters, that enables us to connect, rather than isolate. Isolation causes depression as well as a multitude of physical ailments, illness and disease.

New perspectives.
Taking time away from work and the usual routine creates space and opportunity to see things differently. ‘Every fragment of self-talk is a little story which goes around in the head, then you look at reality through the lens of the story.’ What story do you want to tell?

Perfectly imperfect.
Winter solstice and the festive season is a wonderful time for rest, reflection, and planting seeds of love and joy. Discover the true meaning of Christmas by keeping things simple and re-writing the ‘rules.’ ‘If the brain is the radio’s receiver then the heart is the dial tuning the radio to the frequency of your choice.’

Grief and loss.
Death is one of few inevitable events, so why do we find it difficult to face out own mortality and to feel those big emotions fully?

Avoid getting snowballed this Christmas.
How to navigate the festive season without breaking the bank and buying into the capitalist system wholesale. Celebrate love, light, and the true meaning of Christmas by thinking outside the box and keeping things simple.

Be where your feet are – 14 /10/2023
No matter how ferocious the storm, beneath those crashing waves lies an ocean of peace and stillness. How to stay connected to your inner stillness when the world turns upside down.

Snacking – 30/09/2023
A look at snacking behaviour and whether this is helping or hindering health and wellbeing. Snacking is a habit and we can find ourselves eating unhealthy, highly processed snacks when we’re not even hungry. An opportunity to observe, challenge and change your snacking behaviour.

Feel Good Festivals – 23/09/2023
Radio 2 transformed Victoria Park Leicester into a gorgeous festival village for a feast of musical entertainment. Music and dancing are two of the best ways to lift mood, promote mental health and build community for everyone. I have been to three very different festivals this year and having bought a new tent, will definitely be back on the festival trail in 2024

Leaving Home – 09/09/2023
The transition of leaving home, whether you’re heading off to University of moving away to work, is the end of an era for young people and their parents. A look at marking this right of passage, celebrating adulthood and grieving what has passed and is no more.

Instant Gratification – 22/07/2023
There are quick fixes on the market for just about everything these days. We have become used to the idea that we can have it yesterday.  How do we stay grounded in reality and at the same time “keep going” with projects that may take months and even years to achieve?

Exam Stress – 27/05/2023
Whether it’s SATS, GCSE’s, A levels, or a degree, the stress of exams can take its toll on health and wellbeing unless you  are prepared mentally, physically and emotionally. Looking after yourself at this time ensures the best possible outcome and foundation for your exam career.

Listen to Vicki talking to Kelly Hinch about her book, Mind Watching – living life with joy, meaning and purpose.

Recently, Vicki also started video logging some of her thoughts on important and topical issues. These Vlogs can be found here on Vicki’s YouTube channel but a selection can also be found below:

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