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Flower Power – Magic in the Garden

This blog post was inspired by a presentation which Sharon Bentley and I gave at the INEH (International Network of Energy Healing) online conference in April 2021. We are both accredited flower essence practitioners and teachers of Findhorn Flower Essences. We integrate essences into our healing work in different ways. The commonality is that flower essences have become an integral part of our professional practice.

I was first introduced to the Bach remedies when our kids were small. I always kept a bottle of rescue remedy in the cupboard and took it with me on days out for the inevitable falls which toddlers take on a daily basis. It wasn’t until many years later that I came across an advert for Findhorn Flower Essences and felt drawn to order some combination remedies. I started to use them intuitively placing them in the energy field and was amazed at their ability to assist the shifting of stuck and trapped energy through their vibration.

Some years later, in the summer of 2010 I had the opportunity to travel to The Findhorn Foundation in the North of Scotland. I went for ten days which was the first time I had been away from my family and my elderly father for more than two nights. Daily phone calls kept us in touch and in the course of that magical week I realised many things about myself, energy healing and flower essences. Marion Leigh was an incredible woman, the founder and creator of ffe, she was also an inspirational teacher. It was Marion who encouraged me to develop a daily meditation practice and Marion who enabled me to realise anything is possible, and that everything is interconnected. One afternoon in her beautiful garden we made divining rods from old metal coat hangers and I discovered thought forms have an energy which can be measured, felt and dissolved. For the first time I was consciously aware of the power of thought and how we can elevate or reduce our vibration through conscious thought. That really was a wow moment.

I started working with the essences, integrating them whenever a person was open to the possibility of energy healing. I found that when used in combination with other healing protocols, they are a powerful force for change melting stuck energy away.

“Straight to the heart of the matter” is a strap line used by the company, a simple truth. Unless you get to the root cause of any obstacle, there cannot be significant and lasting change. Like the layers of an onion, what needs to be dealt with comes up first, a week a fortnight a month on, everything has changed.

Sadly Marion passed over in July 2019 which was a huge shock. Her daughter Iona Leigh was brought up with the essences and has a Steiner school education, so working with nature spirits is second nature to her. Iona has taken over the running of the business which has moved from Cullerne House Marion’s home, to The Park Findhorn. A small team of dedicated people make and dispense remedies from here, all over the world.

Later that year when I returned for the final part of my training, my father had died. I remembered that on the last night in the summer a very large black moth had entered my room, perhaps a messenger of his impending death. Life like the seasons follows a cycle of birth, death and rebirth, and summer, whether literal or figurative, can always be celebrated.

If you would like to know more about these bottles of liquid consciousness do get in touch. I offer in person and online consultations via zoom. Working with flower essences regularly in combination with other self care strategies is an extremely effective way of remembering who you are, of self development. When you connect with nature on a daily basis wonderful things happen. Marion always used to say the essences are not magic but they are magical. Take a look at the website for information, inspiration and sales. There is also a newsletter which you can subscribe to and online training courses at

Flower Blessings

Vicki – xx –

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