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Life is not a Prescription

When the pandemic struck a year ago I honestly thought it wouldn’t affect me. Denial is a powerful mental defense mechanism. I had the good fortune to travel to South India in January and arriving in Bangalore was somewhat surprised at the level of security regarding the virus. I quite expected to be quarantined on landing at Birmingham international. The fact that I wasn’t and the distinct lack of hype, lulled me into a false sense of security.

Almost a year on there is no denying it, we are in a mess. When the news broke yesterday that England are to go into a third Lockdown I felt that old familiar friend grief well up inside washing over me in waves. I went for a walk, it helped, I managed to ground myself.

This morning I sat and meditated, I practiced some breathing techniques to help me stay in my body and felt more settled. Another walk and my head felt clearer.

Life is not a prescription and yet we treat it as such by making plans and getting disappointed when things don’t work out. Life has changed and no amount of wanting everything to go back to how it was can make the impossible happen. We have moved into new realms, new possibilities and new beginnings. Letting go of the old and embracing the new is the only way to go, the only way forward. To deny this simply prolongs suffering.

So as we head into Lockdown at midnight tonight I am breathing in and I am breathing out. Grateful for a roof over my head and enough food on the table. I have a comfortable bed to sleep in and warm water to wash myself and my clothes. Life is for living. Once I allow myself to step beyond belief systems, beyond mind made prescriptions into the present moment I realise the true extent of human potential. This has nothing to do with form….

it is formless.

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