Rest Well

A Short Break Can Give You Just The Boost You Need

Some years ago I was asked to write a piece for a community magazine: How To Get The Holiday You Need. We’re easily persuaded to book something after a good night out and a couple of drinks, only to realise it wasn’t what was needed after all as you return home exhausted, wired and stressed. And its back to the day job tomorrow!

Holidays come in all shapes and sizes. Before you book anything, its a good idea to consider what you actually want and need from this time away. Do you need rest, relaxation, to be looked after… or are you looking for an adventure perhaps exploring a new country or learning to abseil. If you work on your own you may want company, if you spend all day with people, you may need to be quiet with plenty of time for rest, reading and recharging on your own without having to consider anyone else.

Time with loved ones is precious, we also need time alone.

Of course you don’t have to go anywhere. This year many who would have headed abroad have stayed at home. Britain is a beautiful country offering a range of city, countryside and coastal options with a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes.

Time at home with days out is also an option and if you have the discipline to resist emails and social media for a while is a lot lighter on the wallet.

Going away takes you out of the daily routine and when you leave routine behind you really do see things differently and a whole range of new possibilities are potentially unleashed.


We recently had a short break in Windsor. Just a couple of hours drive from Leicester it’s a world away with river walks, a historical town centre and a castle to explore. Its also very compact so you can walk everywhere. Its amazing just how refreshed you can feel from a weekend away when someone else is doing the cooking and the usual day to day is suspended for a little while.

The next time you’re thinking of going away take time to consider what you really need and who you want to be with. Wellness is a state of being that is nurtured and attained through checking in with yourself on a regular basis. Learning to choose what you need with awareness, will over time promote health, wellness and wellbeing.

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