Be Well

How photography can help you and your wellbeing . . .

Its rare you’ll see me without a camera in hand or to hand. When I was younger I actually wanted to be a professional photographer and did some training at the local technical college alongside my A level courses. Trying to get a job back then was nigh on impossible without experience and when someone told me I would never make it as a woman I believed them and gave up on my dream. That said, photography has always been part of my life and seeing the world through the lens of a camera and through the eyes of the camera holder has given me another perspective on life and certainly enhanced the creative aspects of my business.

Human beings are naturally creative and have incredible creative potential. However most of us were taught at school by teachers, or at home by parents who hadn’t explored their own creativity. As a result, this important aspect of ourselves was dampened, supressed, dented and squashed.

It’s never too late to rekindle creativity and there has never been a better time to try your hand at something completely new. A few weeks ago I had my very first tap dancing lesson.
Who knows what you will discover about yourself….

Whatever you do creatively its important to enjoy it, if you don’t your audience will know.
Maybe not at a conscious level, but unconsciously we pick up on the energy of the person and the action that follows. This leads us to be drawn towards something, to be attracted to it, or to be repelled. The process is subtle and happens instantaneously without our realising most of the time.

Tuning into our responses to people, things and events increases our awareness not only of ourselves, but also of others. It also leads to the realisation that we cannot not communicate. You are always communicating something and when you feel joyful about what you are doing, that authenticity will be felt by your audience.

So whatever you choose, do it with a heartfelt intention to communicate good things and good things will follow.


  • John Slater
    September 7, 2020 at 4:42 pm

    Fantastic! Are you still tap dancing . . .???

    • admin
      November 10, 2020 at 12:08 pm

      Still tap dancing John though not as often as I would like!! xx


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